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Allow Yourself
to Relax

Allow Yourself
to Relax

Therapist: Klaus Weitzer, health coach and psychotherapist in the core areas of body, relaxation and pain therapies as well as stress management

Klaus Weitzer’s body control training is a unique method for muscle, tissue and deep relaxation. For over 15 years it has successfully been used in the treatment and prevention of chronic pain and health problems.

Modern research confirms what we have known from experience for a while: stress makes us ill! It is the normal physical and psychological burdens of everyday life that lead to stressful reactions that unconsciously become established and manifest themselves in people in different ways: in muscles and tissue, the cardiovascular system, breathing and gastrointestinal functions, as a feeling of anxiety or imbalance, “not being able to switch-off”, “being burned out” and much more.

These individual tensions determine the development and occurrence of headaches, back and joint pain, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and sleep disorders as well as numerous other “stress-related problems” and contribute to the development of serious and chronic diseases. They demand a lot of strength and drain our energy.

Your body’s balance is restored with the soft methods of body control training. With a combination of manual and verbal, physical, psychotherapeutic and relaxation techniques you will learn to recognise and release subconscious tensions, thus activating your immune system, self-healing powers and physical health.

Try it out!
Already during the first treatment you will have the opportunity to experience deep relaxation and the immediate and lasting impact of body control training on your stress problems as well as to get detailed advice on the individual (therapeutic) options.
Duration of treatment: approx. 90 minutes

Price:90 €

Appointments:on request
Arrange an appointment on
tel. +49 (0)9445 / 958-485

Other information:You are fully dressed
during this treatment.
Please wear comfortable clothing!

Payment is made directly to Mr Weitzer.
Hotel wellness vouchers cannot be redeemed with this treatment!

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