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Bad Gögging is located directly on the edge of the Danube-Auen National Park and the idyllic river Abens flows through the town. The impressive ruins of the former Roman fort Abusina, which housed one of the most important Danube garrisons in the legion approximately 2000 years ago,  are located close to the town. There is no doubt that the the Roman legionnaires, who we know suffered from rheumatism, discovered the healing and palliative qualities of the rich sulphur springs at Bad Gögging and sought relief there. The Bad Gögging public baths, which turned the town into one of the largest spas in the Alps, were built back in approx. 80 BC during the reign of Emperor Trajan for this very reason.

Bad Gögging has the only rheumatic baths in Bavaria. Our guests can find the three main basic spa treatments from local natural resources here: concentrated sulphur springs, natural peat and mineral thermal water!

The modern history of Bad Gögging as a spa resort began in part under the last Bavarian kings with the "Roman Bath" and "Trajan's Bath" spa facilities, which secured the town official recognition as a spa resort in 1919 due to its achievements in the spa sector. Successful drilling to a depth of 650 metres in 1976/1977, following an initiative by the regional administration, revealed Bad Gögging's "third therapeutic cornerstone:" a precious warm sodium-hydrogen carbonate-chloride spring. The magnificent Limes-Therme thermal baths were built directly upon this at the heart of a major new spa resort.

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