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Immerse Yourself in Another World

Bathe in light and music – our liquid sound pool offers a completely new dimension in terms of bathing enjoyment for pure relaxation. Water at body temperature, the special attraction of underwater acoustics with harmonising music, pulsating coloured light and atmospheric sounds create a relaxing and pleasurable bathing experience.

Dorint MARC AUREL Resort in Bad Gögging, Bavaria, Germany

At the Source

Sanus per aquam: health through water
Warm healing thermal water, invigorating sauna sessions and the soothing pools at the MARC AUREL Spa & Golf Resort bring the body and mind into balance. Stresses of everyday life melt away, regeneration processes are set in motion and indulgence is a top priority when relaxing in and with the natural element of water – because the secret to life and beauty lies in the water that gives us a sense of security – the perfect basis for relaxation. For instance in our Roman thermal baths (approx. 34 °C), laconium (Roman sweating and cleansing bath; approx. 65 °C), “starry sky” steam bath (approx. 40 °C), bio sauna (approx. 60 °C) or Finnish sauna (approx. 90 °C) with its panoramic window. We have an oxygen-enriched power jet and ice tea available at our pool bar to quench your thirst. This is how to live life.

Just like in Caesar's Days

We can have good fortune and feel happy

There is a subtle difference – at least at the Dorint MARC AUREL Resort. So treat yourself to rest and relaxation in a luxurious atmosphere. Close your eyes, switch off and let us pamper you – pure relaxation. We can offer you a range of head-to-toe wellness and beauty treatments in our wellness oasis. For example, a nourishing facial treatment, relaxing massage, Ayurvedic treatment, Shiatsu, stone therapy or water balancing. Whatever you decide to choose: we will help you discover a new vitality through targeted therapies tailored to your own specific needs.

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