Massage & Wellness Treatments at our Hotel

Get an overview of our ☼ massage and wellness treatments in the Marc Aurel Spa ➤ The exclusive 4 ★ hotel in Bavaria offers luxurious ways to relax

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Massage & Wellness Treatments



Partial Body Massage* - Choose from a head, back, neck, shoulder, arm or leg massage
(30 minutes)
40 €
Full Body Massage*
(60 minutes)
70 €
A special treatment for sport enthusiasts - golfers, cyclists and runners
This combination of a classic massage and stretching targets stressed muscles. It can prepare your body for upcoming activity but also give overworked muscle groups a regenerative and relaxing treatment after sport. (40 minutes)
50 €
Spinal Treatment incl. Lymphatic Drainage
This soothing spinal treatment with St. John's Wort followed by lymphatic drainage for your face and head calms and relaxes your whole body. (40 minutes)
55 €
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Lymphatic drainage stimulates your immune system and has a purifying and detoxifying effect on your body. It gently supports the removal of lymphatic fluid to relieve swelling and blockages in your tissue. (40/70 minutes)
50 € / 75 €
Foot Reflexology Massage
Thousands of nerves connect the internal organs to the skin zones of your feet. The reflex zones of your associated organs, muscles and joints are stimulated and positively influenced during the massage. (40 minutes)
50 €
Aromatherapy Massage
We introduce you to selected essential oils that bring deep relaxation and harmony. You choose and let us know which fragrances you would like us to use for your pampering. (60 minutes)
75 €
Stone Massage
This intensive yet very pleasant hot stone massage relaxes deep into your muscle layers. It loosens your tissue and relieves existing tension. A lasting feel-good effect is guaranteed. (30/80 minutes)
50 € / 105 €
Gentle but specific pressure and targeted stretching on the whole body boosts tired spirits and lets you skip through life again with a new sense of well-being. (60 minutes) You are fully dressed for this treatment. Please wear lightweight and comfortable clothing.
80 €
Lomi Lomi Nui
A Hawaiian massage ritual that achieves great relaxation and a feeling of weightlessness as well as a sense of security through long and slow sweeping motions. (80 minutes)
115 €
Roman Oil Massage*
Roman Oil Massage*
65 €
Singing Bowl Massages
Several singing bowls are placed on your fully clothed body and tapped during this singing bowl massage. Fine vibrations and tones sooth your body, mind and soul and flow through your body to reach all your cells. (60 minutes)
80 €
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